Merry Christmas!

Since I've not been doing much drawing (I am on maternity leave from illustration for a while!) here's a picture of a super-cute Christmas baby!!!


Little Miss Lawrence! Born 26th November... She's adorable isn't she?! And so very, very good!

Golden Oldies!

How cool would it be if your grandparents were in a band and the only person who knew was you? VERY. That's how cool.

Food, glorious food illustrations!

I've been experimenting with styles for my editorial portfolio - I really like how they've turned out.

IF: Ferocious

What a ferocious little girl! This picture has been sitting in my sketch book waiting to be finished for a while... I thought it fitted with this week's Illustration Friday topic perfectly!

a PAWS in creativity...

Sometimes I am stopped from being as productive as I would like...

Feeding Seagulls

I went to my Mum's for lunch, and while staring out the window (she lives in Hove, in a flat perfect for people watching...) I noticed an old man sharing his chip with a seagull....

Red the Fraggle

Today would have been Jim Henson's 75th birthday...

30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Today's challenge was to draw my favourite food... Princess Cake! I love cake, but this Swedish creation, with it's layers of vanilla sponge, raspberry jam, creme patissiere and whipped cream all encased in green marzipan, really is one of the best cakes ever.

It's been on my "To Bake" list for a while, so I couldn't resist a quick drawing for the 30 Day Challenge!

30 Day Challenge: Day 2

Today's challenge was to draw a pet - I used this poem from Mother Goose as a starting point. My cat is playing the banjo...

30 Day Illustration Challenge - Day 1

Day 1 - Self Portrait...

I have decided I am rubbish at keeping a blog. In an attempt to get into the habit of blogging more of my work, I am challenging myself to draw a picture every day for thirty days.

IF: Shadow

A quick pencil and ink sketch for Illustration Friday - a boy playing with his scary shadow...

Log Lady

This is the Log Lady. She lives in Twin Peaks. Her log has something to tell you...


I love Ghostworld. Enid is such a style icon!

Reading with Grandma

A picture to celebrate World Book Day!



Quick doodle of one of my childhood favourites - Madeline!


An angry, invading Norman. Called Norman. He'll be featured in an illustration I'm working on about invasions...