Illustration Challenge Day 8

My favourite animated character - Finn and Jake. OK, so it's two characters, but they come as a pair. So there.

Illustration Challenge Day 7

My favourite word - SUPER! As in Superhero, or super tasty, or super cool.

Illustration Challenge Day 6

My favourite book character (not a movie) - Dr Kay Scarpetta. Because she's not been in a movie. But apparently she will be - being played by Angelina Jolie. I don't see it working.

Illustration Challenge Day 5

My best friend - This is Lyssa, in THAT dress, doing THAT dance. With popcorn. True story.

Illustration Challenge Day 4

Favourite place - any cold, snowy mountain that I can board down. Preferably Whistler, but I'm not that fussy...

Illustration Challenge Day 3

Favourite food... Does this count? I think it does.

Illustration Challenge Day 2

My favourite animal... I do love cats. In fact, I worry that in later life I will turn into a crazy cat lady.

Let's try this again...

I failed at this last time I tried. Mainly because I was busy with a baby. But that might just be an excuse for being lazy... So I'm starting over again. Let's see if I can get to 30 this time!

Hong Kong Stationery Fair

My lovely agents Cinnamon Joe are showing at Hong Kong Stationery Fair this week.

The holidays are officially over...

Husband has gone back to school today and Mum is watching the little toddler... So I'm back in the office working on some lovely surface patterns and peek-a-boo books. I'll see if anyone will let me post a sneak peek later...

Happy 2013!

Another new year, another resolution to start blogging more... Let's see how I do in 2013. Wish me luck, and tell your friends to visit! More readers might just get me motivated to post more!